What’s Going On?

So my 30th birthday came and went and many of you (in my head more than just my mom follows my blog… Thanks Mom!) are wondering what happened to The List? Did I finish it in time?

The reality is that the realities of life, i.e. what I HAD to do encroached on the territory of what I WANT to do and I missed my deadline… But please, don’t write me off just yet (note to self: ask Dr Google where that line comes from). I’m not as far behind as it seems. I was blessed with incredible parents and apart from showing me the Way to true life through Christ Jesus, the next, most important lesson my parents taught me is that I should never give up.

I’ll admit, I toyed with the idea but unfinished business leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So here I am, past my deadline of 21 September 2012 but still here and ready to do business.

When we left off I was down to ten items left on The List. I am pleased to say that seven of those ten were ticked off before the big three oh beat down my door. That means that of The List of thirty things to do before I’m thirty, I had done 27 by my deadline! That’s 90% of The List done and dusted but yet to be blogged about.  But that leaves three items still standing…. But which three? Did I milk a cow for real? Well, my lips are sealed. You’ll have to watch this space as the seven are posted and the final three are conquered.

Here’s to a new year and a new start to an old task. Here’s to finishing strong!


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