The List

Long story short… I’m almost thirty and was less than thrilled about turning the big three oh. My family started a to do list of sorts that I need to complete before said birthday. This is the list and where you can keep track of how far I am in completing it!

  1. Start a blog…
  2. Ride on a bus, train and a taxi.
  3. Go to a concert
  4. Get a tattoo…
  5. Pop popcorn on the stove without a lid on the pot…
  6. Watch a movie trilogy in one sitting
  7. Milk a cow…
  8. Write a message, put it in a bottle and toss it out to sea
  9. Have a photo that I’ve taken professionally framed
  10. Get my legs waxed for the first time
  11. Walk up Lion’s Head
  12. Wear a dress to work
  13. Cook a three course Jamie Oliver meal
  14. Road Trip
  15. Go coffee free for 30 days
  16. Memorise a poem
  17. Make Sushi
  18. Spend an entire day in my PJ’s
  19. Take 10 photos that I love
  20. Watch an entire season of any series in one day
  21. Host a dinner party
  22. Send someone a handwritten letter
  23. Go fishing
  24. Donate Blood
  25. Go Camping
  26. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together as a family on the same day
  27. Successfully make an origami something
  28. Do at least one DIY project
  29. Volunteer somewhere for one hour
  30. Watch the sunrise with friends

7 thoughts on “The List

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  5. Nearly there! I thought you watched a movie trilogy already I remember giving suggestions on facebook…or were they suggestions and haven’t been watched yet? Seeing as I can’t be there to actually be part of anything, here is my input! Now I do realize some of these suggestions might be a bit late but anyway….frame that awesome photo of ouma and oupa. Write a handwritten letter to your missionary friend in zimbabwe, and enjoy the last 5 days of being 30, I’m waiting for you on the other side…of 30 that is…I might do a 31 before 31 list! 😉

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