That’s How We Roll…

If you got home after a long day at work and were told that it’s Sushi for dinner, I believe most of the general population would be pretty pleased… What is it about raw fish, cold sticky rice soaked in vinegar and dried seaweed sheets that we love? I have no idea, but this is a bandwagon that I am most definitely on!

The Mother and The Sister blessed me with a voucher for four people to learn to make sushi. Score since I really love sushi, bigger score, it’s on The List.

This time it was The Teacher, The Occupational Therapist, The Graphic Designer and The Journalist/Script Writer/Producer/Social Media Junkie/A Whole Lot Else who joined forces in the quest to become Sushi Ninjas…

Designer Girl and I listened to the advice of the person running the lesson and brought our own knives… It did feel weird and illegal walking around with a massive, sharp knife in my bag…

We arrived for our lesson in good time and did what any self-respecting girls would do, took photos of ourselves. I must admit though that it was mildly awkward setting the self-timer on my camera and all smiling at it for ten seconds before it finally took our picture. Awkward, but that didn’t stop us from doing it again, and again…


We were invited to join the sushi chef in his kitchen and watch and listen as each step of the process was explained and illustrated. The young chef made it look incredibly easy as he flipped, spread, filled, rolled and cut the sushi. We were shown how to create our own California Rolls, Maki, Fashion Sandwiches and (my favourite) Salmon Roses…

After that we were ushered back to our spots at the sushi counter and supplied all that we would need. Come on, how hard could it possibly be?

I knew I wasn’t off to a great start when I started on the bamboo mat instead of on the board… Oh dear! Come on, Sarah, focus here… I set to work with the sushi rice, squishing it onto the seaweed sheet… At this point, let me just say that sushi rice is much like glitter… You know how you can’t get glitter off your hands? Yip, the rice was the same and then I remembered that I hadn’t wet my hands… Fixing that problem I went back to my rice squishing and did a fairly decent job of it. A shake of sesame seeds, some avo and salmon slices later my California rolls started to take shape. A bit of shaping using the bamboo mat and things were looking good. I then had to cut them, not so easy, but I managed.

Next we were given rice and a thin slice of salmon to make the super easy salmon roses… My salmon didn’t really play along… A squirt of mayo and a touch of caviar later, it had more or less fallen apart… Super easy? Pffft!

So it may not have looked exactly like the sushi chef’s masterpiece but boy did it taste good! We enjoyed munching on self-made sushi and chatting away as girls do…

Sushi making? Check!

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