Snap Happy…

I must confess that putting this one on The List was an issue of pride for me… You see, I love taking photographs and consider myself to be pretty decent at it. So when I added “Take 10 photos that I love” to The List it was with the hidden motive of proudly displayed what I believe to be the photos that best show my talents… But God dealt with me (as God does) and I realised the truth is that the photos that I love are not usually the classically good shots. They tend to be somewhat out of focus and grainy… You see, for me, loving a photo is more about the memory that pic brings to mind and that’s what draws the emotional response from me, not the creative composition or perfect lighting…

It was a tough choice picking my ten favourites… Especially when I came across some “special” ones… Like when LJ and JD called us from their hotel room next door and we ran in to find them strewn across the floor, the phone off the hook and beeping next to them… Typical boys!

Or the one from after our “eventful” camping trip where a blue wall was the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photo-shoot

But without further ado, I give my top ten photos that I’ve taken and love, they are in no particular order…

#1 Thirty-five Green Balloons

Our school celebrated its 35th birthday recently and part of the festivities included releasing 35 green balloons into the sky… This was taken with my trusty old Nokia 5130…

#2 The Russian

This friend met Jesus after moving to South Africa and her response coming out of the waters of Baptism was awesome, arms raised in victory as she publicly buried her old self…

 #3 Green Ice Cream

We recently celebrated the Mother’s 51st birthday, complete with Spur’s singing and sparklers. I love this pic cause the Mother never enjoys having pictures taken of her but in that moment she didn’t know and looks like she’s having a blast!

#4 Love at Sea

My Brother met and married an amazing woman… Their special day was a truly special day and this pic is my favourite, complete with a helicopter in the background!

#5 Blue Lagoon

This was taken in Langebaan and was the first pic I took with my first digital camera, a complete fluke, no editing, no filters, no effects… It just happened!

#6 Silver Fox

This handsome guy is my Oupa. What a legend the man was! This pic shows him how he was happiest, next to my Ouma and enjoying the sunshine!

#7 Sharing a Cuppa

Sunshine, sisters and tea… Winning combo! To steal a turn of phrase from a friend, “Happy Heart Times”

#8 Sister Time

Sister time is an important part of our lives and we always end up having loads of giggles together

#9 Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We set out for a family picnic and spent the morning under, instead of on top of our blankets, shivering in the mist and icy cold… But diehard picnickers that we are, we wouldn’t let a silly thing like bad weather stop us from having a ball!

#10 The Love Shot

I said they’re in no particular order and they’re not but this one is my all-time favourite. Taken while driving along the N7 Highway on the way home, this was the day we met our Sunshine. God knit our family together before the foundations of the earth were laid but this was the day that He let us in on His plan… This beautiful girl is a delight and is our blessing from above.

A picture speaks a thousand words apparently… I agree!

6 thoughts on “Snap Happy…

  1. …and I cry (some will now think their work is done!) not because I’m sad but because God has been so amazingly good to us…10 (and some) pictures of His love (being) revealed in us!

  2. Love the pig pic of oupa and ouma! That definitely needs to be framed. Definitely one of the best photos technically…good lighting, good subject, creative angle! And also one of the best in great memories of great people!

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