Work smart, not hard is the motto in my classroom… Perhaps not the best motto for a teacher hoping to inspire learners to persevere and do things the right way but it’s my motto nonetheless… So when it came down to having only 18 days to go till The List must be complete I decided it’s time to start working smart and not hard…

Watching an entire season of a series in one day… Challenge accepted! Due to my pitiful state after the “walk” up Lion’s Head I was restricted to my bed and had only the use of my mind and my hands… Solution, shrink The List a little more by watching a series.

I checked the hard drive to see what we have. I must explain though that when plans involve watching movies, my response is generally, “Is Hugh Grant in it? Colin Firth? Sandra Bullock? Richard Gere? Julia Roberts?” By this you may have guessed that I find my viewing pleasure in the bubblegum-plastic-romantic-comedy genre, and you’d be right!

Life is dramatic enough for me to avoid drama movies and as I explained to my best friend’s husband, if I wanted to see political scandal, I’d watch the evening news… So it’s safe to say that I’m not a particularly discerning movie connoisseur. I walked out during Contagion as I heard the buzz saw going through Gwyneth Paltrow’s skull as they performed an autopsy on her yet I also went to watch Titanic in 3D, all three hours of it… A movie I’ve seen many times and loved it.

When scrolling through our series selection I found that everything I would like to watch I’ve already seen… so no Glee, New Girl or the like for me… This severely limited my choices… I had a new season of How I Met Your Mother but by the end of season four Ted’s whining just got to be too much for me. I’ve always enjoyed Greek Mythology so I figured Spartacus filled with Roman history would be a great choice. I hit play on episode one and in seven seconds saw more fake blood spurting across the screen than I can handle. That was the end of that!

So back to scrolling, a name caught my eye and I remembered a tip from an Americano friend… Sherlock. Only three episodes per season. Snap! That sounds like working smart, not hard to me! Ok, so each episode is about an hour and twenty minutes long but with only three episodes, I could get that done before lunch time!

It was ok. My apologies to all the fans out there but when it comes to the genre of crime type shows (my sister loves them so I generally end up watching some with her) it wasn’t anything special. The lead actor looks like a cross between Josh Groban and the guy from Smallville. And dresses like someone’s grandfather.

He’s not convincing as a genius problem solver… I much preferred Cal Lightman’s character in Lie To Me and found that series to be way more clever than Sherlock. Sherlock’s insufferable arrogance makes Dr House seem like a preschool teacher.

Sherlock has a ridiculous dependence on nicotine patches to help him think and says things like, “This is a three patch problem.” In episode one, he correctly diagnoses and cures John Watson’s psychosomatic limp. Not a particularly realistic show. Plus every scenic shot of London looks like it was filmed through a dirty lens with smudges all over it. I kept checking to make sure that the smudges weren’t on my glasses.

I sat through almost four and a half hours of crime drama and not once did I hear the legendary, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Disappointing stuff. The one funny thing was that in the scary bits I didn’t jump at all like I usually do, only because my body was physically unable to jump.

One thing I will say for it is that the cliff hanger at the end of season one had me quickly find the first episode of season two (of which I watched a mere 2 minutes) just to see how things played out. I have no desire whatsoever to watch the rest of the show.

I think I’ll stick to my bubblegum-plastic-romantic-comedies in future…

Anyone keen to grab a movie sometime? It’s guaranteed to have Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Colin Firth, Sandra Bullock or Richard Gere in it!

3 thoughts on “Bubblegum-Plastic…

  1. Oh dear! Sorry you didn’t enjoy it, I think it’s fantastic! But yes, he is horribly arrogant. Agreed. Not a pretty trait.

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