God Bless Canada

I have a newfound respect for Canada.

Seriously. God has blessed Canada… Home of maple syrup, Mounties, Celine Dion, Scott Speedman, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves and *sigh* Ryan Reynolds. We can even forgive them the whole Pamela Anderson contribution because they have given the world… wait for it… Michael Buble.

After Wednesday night I even considered sending Canada a bunch of flowers or a fruit basket to say “Thank you.”

I had already booked my ticket to Michael Buble’s concert when I started The List… so on Wednesday I managed to tick yet another item off of my list in spectacular fashion.

TJ and I were two broke but excited girls as we headed to Grandwest on Wednesday night. Two bathroom trips and three handbag checks later we found our seats. It took less than three minutes to plan how we were going to run down to the stage to meet the man himself. TJ would run down the stairs to the left and me the stairs to the right. We figured that if we split up, security would probably only manage to stop one of us. You see, we knew that the only reason he wasn’t with one of us was because he just hadn’t met us yet!

After many corny jokes, some people watching and a few word games we turned our attention to the incredible opening act. Calling themselves Naturally 7, the guys on stage blew me away. Traditionally known as acapella, they do what they call vocal play, becoming the actual instruments. They had the whole crowd go on an exciting musical journey with them.

Shocker of note, the slightest of all the band members, Armand, aka “Hops” sporting skinny jeans and hi top sneakers opened his mouth and Barry White jumped out… Seriously… Half of the women in the crowd fainted, the rest were fanning themselves amidst murmurs. The sighing lasted all through their fantastic “Wall of Sound”. The music was amazing but you decide for yourself!

They had the crowd up on their feet, jumping and posing… It was so much fun! There is a rumour of a possible return in October… I hope so!

Their reluctant exit signalled Michael Buble’s entrance and what an entrance it was! Smoke, lights, drama. Cry me a river was the perfect opening number finished off with a flourish of fireworks. We were only slightly more elegant than 12 year old Justin Bieber groupies in our screaming…

It took only two songs for TJ and I to realise that if it meant marrying Mr Buble we would happily be sister wives together.

Not just a singer, Michael (we’re on a first name basis), kept us entertained with jokes, anecdotes and personal stories all night. He was less than thrilled with the boos he got as he told the crowd about his recent marriage. He did admit though that he understood that most were from disappointed women. His sense of humour extended to his additional musical selections which included brief excerpts of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing” and also the theme song from Aladdin “A Whole New World”

The elderly couple sitting next to me came prepared. The husband kept telling his wife that, “This lighty (young boy) Michael Buble has a big band sound… A lot like Sinatra and the other old timers.” To which she just smiled and nodded. It was really cute when they pulled out their binoculars so they could see better.

When Michael sang “Georgia” I was immediately taken back to my teen years. I was once again on the couch in our small house in Eshowe watching Ally MacBeal with my Father. Ally was listening to the song on repeat to get herself to realise that her childhood sweetheart was now in love with someone else, Georgia.

It was a great memory of time spent with my Dad.

Later Michael paid tribute to another Michael… Jackson this time. He asked the crowd for requests as to which MJ number he should do… there was a woman seated in the next block screaming, “Billy Jean! Billy Jean! BILLY JEAN!” There was a moment when we thought she might have an aneurism and the crowd around her gave her a hand and called out with her. Michael helped avert a medical emergency by fulfilling her request.

It was by far the best concert I’ve ever been to (sorry U2 and REM). The music, the band, the performance, the opening act, the company, the crowd, the venue… Ay-may-zing!

What a fantastic evening! From singing along like lunatics to the socially inappropriate “Me and Mrs Jones”, to tearfully whispering the lyrics of “Home” (and giggling when he forgot the words) we had a blast.

The best, however, was the reward we got for staying for the encore.

Michael sang a few extra songs and finished off with Donny Hathaway’s, “A Song for you.” Then, towards the end of the song, all went dark and quiet… the curtain fell and a single spotlight shone on stage where Michael was standing. He held his finger to his lips to shush the crowd and finished the last verse unplugged… I had shivers up and down my spine… After that no one could question the man’s talent. What a gifted singer he is! Unfortunately, my camera and cellphone batteries were flat by then so I can’t share it with you but take my word for it, it was breathtaking!

Mr Buble’s spectacular performance was the fifth experience I get to cross off of my 30 before 30 list… Five down, twenty five to go! Try and keep up as things start getting hectic!


6 thoughts on “God Bless Canada

  1. Best read ever! Laughed, almost cried (in a good way) and came very near to my own aneurism after seeing those moves on Billy Jean.

  2. Canada is glorious i tell you! they also gave us Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, the Biebster and Nina Dobrev (of TVD fame)…..But what was almost equally glorious – was the fun that was had at the Buble concert with you 🙂 loved it!

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