Christmas in a Cup…

Within seconds of posting my 30 by 30 list I had a moment of mild panic. As I looked at the list, now forever in cyberspace, I read number fifteen again… “Go coffee free for 30 days.”

What on earth had I been thinking? One of my favourite things in the world is a great cup of coffee. I committed myself to thirty loooooong days without my good friend. I contemplated putting it off as long as possible but the thought of entering my thirties with no caffeine running through my veins sounded as appealing as watching paint dry…

So I made the mature and grown up decision to get it over with. And so, my coffee free month started on Thursday 1 March. Planning ahead for once, I squeezed in as much coffee as was reasonable on the 29th February.

I started my day with a not-bad-at-all MacDonald’s coffee at 7:10 (KFC was closed so no R5 early morning cappuccino). My next attempt was at 09:37 where I got as far as putting the coffee granules in my cup in the staffroom but realised I was late for a class and sprinted across the school, tragically leaving it sitting there, half done, next to the kettle…

My official second cup of the day was at 10:28 at first break. Choosing quality over quantity I waited for the kettle to boil rather than drink the water from the urn (staffroom coffee is a terrible thing – but that’s a horror story for another blog post). Then as I took my fourth sip, the bell rang. I was gutted as I left my good friend sitting on the counter and hurried back to my classroom.

The third cup was truly something beautiful, house of coffees special blend with steamed milk, accompanied by Cadbury’s Caramel chocolate… Cue angels singing…. That was 15:21 and I was in my happy place.

A hurried cup of Jacobs Kronung at 21:19 at Community in a giant teacup tided me over till it was almost bed time.

And then, the piece de résistance… A massive mug of coffee, smooth mild blend with frothed milk that was thick enough to scoop up with my finger… complete with Cadbury’s Top Deck to dip into it… a small slice of heaven… that truly was Christmas in a cup! Sorry Sandra Bullock but a cinnamon soy latte just doesn’t cut it!

My journey to being coffee free has taught me some life lessons, including:

1. Rooibos tea is not sexy. At all. It tastes healthy. Healthy may be good, it just doesn’t taste it.

2. Caffeine can last a while in the bloodstream… I had no withdrawals for the first 36 hours.

3. My love for coffee is a strong and altruistic one. Even though I can’t drink it, I can still appreciate the love others have for this heavenly drink.

4. Coffee keeps me healthy. A few days after I cut it from my daily routine the Flu arrived in all its glory… unrestrained, it ravaged my sinus and my rooibos tea was washed down with multivitamins, vitamin C and Myprodol.

5. Without coffee time speeds up. I know this sounds strange but hear me out… On day 6 I woke up feeling proud of myself that I had survived so long without coffee. I encouraged myself with thoughts of, “Wow! You’re halfway through this! Well done!” I got out of bed, checked the time on my cell phone and then shook my phone because that date couldn’t be right… It had felt like the 15th but was only the 6th. I groaned, fell back on the bed and pulled the covers over my head.

6. Last but not least… 30 days is a long time… A long, long, long, long, long time.

With only 9 days of this particular challenge behind me I am nowhere near crossing it off The List just yet but I am determined that I will make it!

Coffee on Saturday, 31st March anyone?


8 thoughts on “Christmas in a Cup…

  1. Great going Sarah. They say it take 21 days to make or break a habit (not that this is a habit to be broken) so it will seem less and less daunting as time goes on. I stopped smoking 20 odd years ago with this principle, and have not touched it since. What happens after the 30 days? I love coffee too!

  2. Your pain felt as real as if it was my own! Keep at it, you,re almost there! Great blog my friend!

    I am so there on the 31st! Will be waiting at the finish line with. Coffee and choc!

  3. I’m definitely in on the coffee marathon on the 31st March! But to say the least I think you are amazing…world she is amazing! She brought me a Cappucino to work one day and the next handed me a coffee bar one. Love you x

  4. Ok Someone someone replied as me… Scarey!

    Well done Sarah! Sarah and coffee go together like peas and carrots. My first cappuchino in Brazil the lady asked (in portuguese) if I want diet or normall…. I’m thinking normal, cause how can coffee be diet. Until it arrived. In Brazil cappuchino is coffee with chocolate (and an extra teaspoon of chocolate to stir in). And my first thought was how Sarah would have loved it! (ordered diet after then).

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